8 Cyber Fundamentals

@RISK Technologies offers eight suggestions for CIOs and CXOs to consider as they combat cybersecurity risks in 2019 and beyond.


It is often referred to as a strategy similar to encountering a Bear while hiking in the woods.


You don't have to outrun the bear, just the other hikers. 


In a Cyber context, there are 8 steps your organization can follow to outrun your competitors and leave them for "the bears."

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1. Device & Assets
Know what your are defending and forecast your Assets Pattern of Life: Leverage 20 years of CVE data to forecast the threats MPCOA (Most Probable Course of Action)
2. Network Segment
Network Segmentation is is similar to terrain.

Learn how to use Network Segments to provide early warning and "canalize" the threat in a way that you weaken an attack an improve orchestration, automation and response.
3. Forecast MPCOA
Forecast the Most Probable Course of Action a Threat Actor will make by understand what you own and what terrain it resides. Leverage global crowdsourcing to forecast how the threat will attack. Once you understand the threats MPCOA (Most Probable Course of Action) you begin the journey to "Left of Bang" Cyber Situational Awareness.
4. Crowdsourced Cyber
One if by land, two if by sea, 5 if by Cyber? Globally ingested data from customers, zone fields, known networks, hidden networks and other sources enable a Cyber early warning system when orchestrated with Network Segments, Assets and MPCOA.
5. Orchestration
Orchestration many different sources of data provides the baseline for corroboration. Orchestration enables a hypothesis that, when corroborated using Digital Forensic Investigation powered by AI, yields context.
6. Digital Forensics
Automated DFI enables analysts to act on the higher priority threats based on corroboration. Lack of context creates scenarios where anomalies cannot be filtered out before they generate an alert. Instead, analysts must manually work within an application silo, independent of what other systems might be doing at the same moment in time. This is a significant problem because there are thousands of pieces of data available. Automated Digital Forensic Investigation leverages orchestrated data.
Cyber SITREPS (Situation Reports) are critical to providing actionable analysis on how best to optimize existing capabilities and reduce gaps. 24 X 7 eyes on glass powered by automated robotic assistants are staff multipliers. Using the right AI can enable any organization to create a DIY SOC for less than the cost of an employee.
8.  Balanced ScoreCard
Balanced ScoreCard for Cyber is critical to understand your Cyber Security Posture. You have paid 100% of the Cyber Point Solution Invoice; shouldn't you have 100% confidence in your protection? Without measuring your capabilities to identifying gaps. Not knowing your gaps; leads to business terminal results.
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