Cyber Challenges: Broken record?

Cyber is expensive and the costs are skyrocketing, finding the right staff makes it even more of a challenge.


  • Cyber productivity has to improve.

  • Digital Transformation holds promise for IT departments yet in terms of Cyber productivity, we have made hugely dramatic dips because of alert overload and an over-reliance of cyber silos. 

  • Despite the promise of A.I., the Signal to Noise ratio from alerts to responding is just too much to handle.

  • We have a multitude in horizontal Cyber Security point solutions, yet the productivity and cyber effectiveness statistics show there is clearly a discrepancy in performance.


There has to be a better way.


  • Why is the rate of our Cyber Security productivity and effectiveness appearing to be slowing despite the sheer volume of appliances we own?

  • How do we rotate the horizontal point solutions on axis, compress the redundancy and vertically integrate what own in order to provide solid measures of investment in cyber technology and more effective security outcomes?

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