Cyber Insurance

Cyber Security and Cyber Insurance are measured by our Cyber Actuarial technology. Quorum™️ is powered by Big Data Machine Learning for better risk management and risk transfer.

Forecast your risk to Protect your Business


Introducing the first and only Cyber Risk solution technology with an embedded Big Data-Driven Cyber Actuarial technology explicitly designed to transfer cyber risk.


  • Our comprehensive insurance coverage includes a free comprehensive cybersecurity attack surface measurement that will help you plug the holes in your network defense before the bad guys have a chance to exploit them.

  • Our 24/7 A.I. driven monitoring is scored using a Balanced Capabilities ScoreCard for Cyber that provides advanced risk protection for Directors & Officers and Errors & Omissions policies

  • Our warranty places our Company ahead of the competition:

    • We right size and optimize coverage before a breach

    • We protect you daily to prevent an incident and downgrade its impact

    • We are in front of you during an incident on the "front lines"

    • We are there post incident actively plugging the gaps in your Cyber Defense

  • Contact us to today to learn how to get "Left of Bang," or left of the incident with the power of Big Data-Driven A.I. for the most comprehensive Cyber Security Risk Management solution:  Quorum™️

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