Cognitive Cybersecurity Management


"Wall Street capability meets Main Street practicality and pricing."

Our cognitive cybersecurity management technology uses computerized models to measure, mitigate and transfer risk.


Quorum™️ wins because it is unified, preemptive and proactive.


Join others who are more secure.  Join our Common Cause.


Our twice platinum award-winning video delivers a powerful message without saying a word.

Quorum is Unified

Cognitive Cyber Security Management mimics human cognition during corroboration

Preemptively protect your Business

Right of bang is post incident, get Left of Bang, before the incident

Leverage SOAR

to be Proactive 

Security Orchestration Automation and Response and corroboration

Aim Small, Miss Small

Cyber Security is a perishable skill and the threat is always evolving

Centers of Gravity?

People, Process, Technology, Data, Risk & Compliance

Cyber Insurance:  Yes or No?

The cyber insurance market is equal parts peril and promise.


Today's methods for measuring Cyber Crime are very subjective, so how do insurance professionals

determine the cyber insurance needed for clients?


@RISK Technologies is reaching out to Insurance professionals in your area and helping them expand their expertise in cybersecurity and better anticipate

attacker objectives threatening our country today. 



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