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@RISK Technologies is a cognitive cyber security management company that offers enterprise-level cyber protection at an affordable cost.  Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate dynamic iterative processes designed to evolve in concert with changes in cybersecurity threats, processes, and technologies.  @RISK's unique technology takes key capabilities from the horizontal solutions spanning cybersecurity and vertically integrates them to create an optimized synergistic cybersecurity solution.

Preemptive and Proactive 


The CEO, CTO, Board members, and the core leadership team have over 200 years of experience working with, or for, the US DOD, Intelligence Agencies and other Federal Agencies.  In their quest to create automated insight for combating the global war on terror, @RISK founders worked to leverage big data and machine learning technology to help the DOD take advantage of the opportunities presented by adversary actions and decisions. Military and intelligence community experience instilled a deep passion for combatting cyber threats using the concepts born from Asymmetric warfare.  The CEO, in particular, was known during his military career as an out of the box thinker who questioned conventional thinking and contributed to modifying doctrine.  While supporting the United States Special Operations Community, Global Combatant Commands, the USMC, the US Army, and other strategic intelligence organizations, the founders went beyond the concept of data sharing and correlation and began to deliver analytic platforms that corroborated data by integrating the human lessons they learned from complex combat operations.  @RISK's QUORUM™ technology provides customers a single pane of glass that enables a unified orchestration of vision, mission, strategy, initiatives, and tasks. Quorum corroborates the data available from security and network appliances with real-time data collected across the existing network terrain.  Its 8-step systems theory approach uses probabilistic reason and corroboration to create a "Security Operations Center (SOC) in a Box."  @RISK's embedded a Cyber Actuarial Table continually calculates the probability of breach to help measure, mitigate and transfer risk.

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