See the forest for the trees


Quorum™️ pierces the flurry of white noise . . .


The signal to noise ratio today is overwhelming most I.T. departments:


  • Cyber attacks are increasing

  • Digital transformation is a priority and creates new security loopholes

  • Cyber expertise is hard to find

  • Competing budgets make for hard conversations to spend more on Cyber Security


Although organizations have deployed "Best in Class" point solutions, less than optimal implementation or organically grown networks degrade their effectiveness, relegating them expensive placeholders in your security roadmap.


Correlation of alerts does little to help.  @RISK believes defense in depth approaches to Cyber need better integration to deliver corroboration.  We call it "Network Consensus.™️  Our Product Quorum™️ delivers "Left of Bang" 24 X7 Cyber Situational awareness so that you can plug the gaps in your network before the threat has a chance to exploit them.

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