Our Solution

Our Quorum™ technology fuses User and Entity Behavior Analytics to corroborate the findings of Digital Forensic Investigation (DFI) using Pattern of Life recognition.


Our Quorum™ technology combines the "best-in-class" technology features from UTM, SIEM, MDR, SOAR, IDS, EDR and GRC technologies to deliver a more unified and holistic solution.  The solution preemptively blocks network threats and malware and ransomware at the endpoint.


We reduce the attack surface size and volume of alerts using the systems you already own!  With the signal to noise ratio dramatically reduced, our customers enjoy a more proactive and timely response. 


Our world-class cognitive cybersecurity management solution allows you amplify your existing technology and reduce costs, staffing support and optimize processes.


Quorum™ independently machine learns at machine speed using raw packet data.  It follows a probabilistic reasoning approach for a more efficient implementation of supervised learning to improve your security posture.


Corroboration, not correlation, is the foundation of our Cyber Network Consensus™️ approach.  By mimicking human cognition our multi-dimensional defense solution measures, then mitigates, and even transfers risk through a single pane of glass.


Balanced Scorecard

Our Quorum™ solution measures people, process, technology and data systems to determine how well an organization is able to Identify, Protect, and Respond to Cyber Threats.

Holistic Threat Management

Network Consensus™ creates a unified approach to security management because it enlists both cyber and network appliances to corroborate many kinds of data feeds.


Quorum™ is able to mitigate risk because it identifies the most probable course of action of an adversary and blocks the gaps in your network before a threat can exploit them.


Quorum leverages security orchestration and automation to provoke canalizing an adversary and it initiates the right response in a timely manner.

Single Pane of Glass

Quorum™ provides a unified console with a dashboard that fuses actionable insight by cognitively synthesizing analytics from multiple sources into a single display.


Instead of using correlation to find threats,  Corroboration enables Organizations to confirm an event with weighted evidence.


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