Enhanced Cybersecurity through Network Consensus

Quorum™ empowers you to use the resources you have today, to minimize and manage the cyber risks of tomorrow. 

What is Network Consensus?

 Network Consensus™ is a unified approach to cybersecurity. It integrates all the information from all of your siloed security tools and from external data repositories to gain consensus on where your security threats are hiding. With Network Consensus™, @Risk Technologies can virtually eliminate all false-postive alerts, allowing your team to focus on what's most important. 

QUORUM unifies technology data sources and integrates partial appliance views for a single comprehensive view.

Put Enterprise-grade cyber technology to work for you



Amplify and supplement the tools your already own

Our Quorum™️ dashboard gives both C-suite execs and cybersecurity teams detailed insight.  It measures performance using the US NIST-framework, and sub-system categories for people, process, privacy,  data, technology, risk, and compliance.  Your balanced scorecard and situation reports (SITREP) recommend ways to improve your score over time.



Enhance machine learning and actionable insight

Use the tools you already own or supplement as needed –– all the data is integrated into a single pane of glass for preemptive and proactive Defense-in-Depth.  Machine learning and human intervention improve the data and response algorithms over time for maximum efficiency and reduced risk.



Measure and improve your cybersecurity risk over time

Nation state-grade technology is only as smart as the humans who guide it.  Quorum™️ is backed by 24/7 monitoring by expert cyber analysts who supervise and guide the automation.  @RISK is your cybersecurity partner, here to provide you with an endpoint to ecosystem cyber defense, auditing, reporting, and compliance assurance.

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